Уебинар „Научни резултати“ – 26 ноември 2020 г.

Thursday, 26 November 2020 - 14:00

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26 Nov 2020
14:00 New Uniform Subregular Parallelisms of PG(3,4) Invariant Under an Automorphism of Order 2 - S. Topalova S. Zhelezova A. Betten   ()
14:10 Two-stage search-based approach for determination and sorting of mountain hiking routes using directed weighted multigraph - Z. Dimitrova, V. Dimitrov, D. Borissova, I. Garvanov, M. Garvanova   ()
14:20 New local search procedure for workforce planning problem - S. Fidanova, G. Luque   ()
14:30 A New Class of ”Growth Functions” with Polynomial Variable Transfer Generated by Real Reaction Networks - N. Kyurkchiev   ()
14:40 A. Rahnev, Comments on the Half Logistic Inverse Rayleigh (HLIR) CDF with “Polynomial Variable Transfer”. Some Applications - N. Kyurkchiev, A. Iliev   ()
14:50 Performance Analysis of a Scalable Algorithm for 3D Linear Transforms on Supercomputer with Intel Processors/coprocessors - I. Lirkov   ()
15:00 Numerical Solution of Integro- Differential Equations Modelling the Dynamic Behavior of a Nano-Cracked Viscoelastic Half-Plane - T. Rangelov, P. Dineva, G. Manolis   ()
15:10 Geometrically Non-linear Vibration of a Cantilever Interacting with Rarefied Gas Flow - K. Shterev, E. Manoach   ()
15:20 --- APPLICATIONS ---
15:20 Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Acetylcholinesterase - Beta-amyloid Peptide Complex - M. Atanasova, I. Dimitrov, S. Ivanov   ()
15:30 Design of Multi-epitope Vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 - I. Doytchinova, A. Tchorbanov   ()
15:40 Trend Analysis of CMIP5 Ensemble of Climate Indices over Southeast Europe with Focus on Agricultural Impacts - H. Chervenkov, V. Ivanov, G. Gadzhev, K. Ganev   ()
15:50 Degree-day Climatology over Central and Southeast Europe for the period 1961–2018 - evaluation in High Resolution - H. Chervenkov, V. Ivanov, G. Gadzhev, K. Ganev, D. Melas   ()
16:00 High Performance Machine Learning Models of Large Scale Air Pollution Data in Bulgarian City - S. Gocheva-Ilieva, A. Ivanov, Y. Livieris   ()